Thank you for visiting this site. My name is Joe, but everyone calls me bed bug Joe, and this site was created to inform and help others manage bed bugs and their infestations.  No person should have to go through the issues and pains dealing with the re-surging epidemic of bed bugs.

I travel a lot for business, at some point, somewhere; I picked up some unwanted hitchhikers called bed bugs.  My best guess is that they got into my suitcase and I accidentally brought the little buggers back home with me.

That was the beginning of my problems.  Once I identified them I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I started to research everything there was on bedbugs and how to get rid of them.  After months and months of research and numerous attempts to get rid of bed bugs I decided to put everything I learned together and this site was created.  My goal is to help others with their bedbug problems.  You should benefit from all of the information here on topics like what do bed bugs look like, signs of bed bugs, how do bed bugs spread, how to get rid of bed bugs yourself and pictures of bed bugs.

If you don’t have to go through the same pains I did, then I have accomplished my mission.

Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope you enjoy it and sign up for my informative bed bugs newsletter.


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